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Welcome to Three Little Fingers Nursery in JLT
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Language Workshop

Our nursery in Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT) gives priority to the “Language Workshop”. These workshops are extremely effective for concentrated, quick and specialized coaching that deepen knowledge and early learning in children.

Music Workshop for Children

Music Workshop

We are an Early Learning Center Dubai, which conducts engaging music workshops where children sing, compose and play variety of instruments. This workshop helps the students to feel Three Little Fingers as a friendly preschool in JLT

Sport’s Workshop for Children

Sport’s Workshop

We stand as a different day care centre in JLT. Here we create exciting and diverse experiences that build core strength, promote coordination skills and teamwork in children. Sport’s workshop in our ELC in JLT is to develop the skills in children.

Arts Workshop for Children

Art’s Workshop

At our Pre School learning center in JLT, we believe it is vital to provide children with artistic freedom and latitude to make their own creative choices and work at their own pace. We relate art with learning to make the children feel more fun in learning. Join in our nursery in JLT

Best day care in Dubai

Philosophy & Mission
We are an up and coming Nursery in JLT as well as Daycare in Dubai. Our organization is located at a most opportune and convenient location within the region of Dubai and is aimed towards becoming the standard child daycare Dubai Nursery and best daycare in Dubai area.

Our Philosophy is quite different and straight forward from other nurseries in JLT . We believe in the stellar significance and value of children as the successors and future developers of society. We believe that quality early education is the right of each and every child.

Our mission is to provide quality early education to every one of the children under our care. We are dedicated to this task and also endeavor to devise teaching strategies and methodologies that can not only educate children with care but also prove to be vitalizing and stimulating from an extracurricular perspective as well.

Child Care Dubai

Our Benefits

What makes Three Little Fingers the best preschool learning center Dubai? The Best Day Care in Dubai For Your Little One!

  • Flexible Working Hours
    Our flexible working hours stretch from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., five days a week (Sunday – Thursday)
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  • Flexible fee structure
    We offer a competitive, flexible fee structure for outstanding learning opportunities. Fee can also be paid on an annual, termly or monthly basis as per the Fee payment policy.
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  • Before and After School Programs
    Our before and after school childcare Dubai program include set of activities that are cooperative, interactive and socially engaging. We encourage self awareness through a mix of team building games, student-led activities and physical challenges.
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  • Holiday Care
    Our holiday programs are filled with exciting excursions, arts and crafts, sports and fun filled events. We aim at providing fully accredited, high quality , professional fun vacation care for preschooler and primary school aged children.
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  • Summer and Winter Camp
    Summer camps in Dubai can be a blessing with the weather making outdoor fun impossible. The summer and winter camp programs are a creative blend of age-appropriate activities for the little ones that include art and crafts, dance and movement, physical play and lot more.
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  • Day Care
    We are highly reputed for our warm, friendly and qualified staff, excellent facilities and healthy safe and secure environment. We make sure that your child gets the required attention and grows academically, mentally and physically at our Child day care Dubai.
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  • Morning Enrichment Program
    This program includes fun-filled activities that build self-awareness and self-esteem in a safe and nurturing environment. Through these activities children learn to follow direction, team sportsmanship and of course get a chance to cultivate their creativity and imagination.
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  • Language and literacy
    A special emphasis is put on polishing linguistic skills in the preschoolers that get enrolled at our Day care in Dubai. We create an environment that fosters love of literature in children and motivates them to develop a love for . We also encourage them to use technology and other literary sources to extract information.
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  • Additional Workshops
    In addition to the wide array of facilities offered here, we also conduct useful workshops, ensuring maximum participation of students to boost up their confidence.
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  • Multisensory Learning
    Another worth mentioning feature of our Pre School learning center is the emphasis we put on multisensory learning Dubai, As this improves essential functions of the brain such as listening skills, movement, vision, tactile recognition and conceptualization.
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Working Hours

We offer classes five days a week from Sunday to Thursday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Sunday to Thursday 8am to 6pm

Contact Us

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What We Offer

 Nursery in JLT, Dubai

Reading Corner Reading Corner

By creating a comfortable, cozy and entertaining reading book, our nursery in JLT give children every reason to fall in love with the world of books.


Creative Corner Creative corner

Rote learning is not something we promote at Three little fingers. A special Creative corner is dedicated for the purpose of bolstering innovative thinking in children.


Best day care in Dubai Indoor Play Area

Three Little Fingers is undoubtedly the best daycare in Dubai as we have a perfectly balanced curriculum with equal emphasis on physical and mental (wellbeing).


Pre School learning center Audio Visual Learning

The right audio-visual setup in a classroom allows better engagement of students and teachers both and education becomes far more stimulating and interactive.

Happy Children, Happy Parents

I got my child enrolled at this amazing preschool learning center in Dubai, and I do not regret my decision at all. I would highly recommend Three Little Fingers to other parents as well.

Harry Cooper
Caring Father

We recently moved from England to Dubai, finding a perfect learning center for my preschooler twins was huge challenge for me, but Three Little Fingers took this humongous load off my shoulders. Now I can totally rely on this awesome Child Care Dubai for my children’s preschool education.

Samantha Hamilton
Caring Mother

I really adore it when my daughter sings educational rhymes based on the English language alphabets or some animal names etc. Thanks to Three Little Fingers for using such creative ways of promoting Early Learning Center Dubai in little children.

Alice Brown
Caring Mother

Three little fingers is an organized nursery in JLT, with an objective of encompassing all aspects of our preschoolers’ life, whether social or academic. We address all needs of young minds that many parents trust us with. Our events cover:

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