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5 Ways To Decide Which Dubai Pre-School Learning Center Is Right For Your Child

5 Ways To Decide Which Dubai Pre-School Learning Center Is Right For Your Child

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The never-ending list of pre-schools in Dubai often leaves the parents perplexed as which early learning center is the best for their kids. It is no doubt a stressful decision for parents that cannot be taken for granted as it is a life altering decision for kids where the most important foundation is built that will reflect in their life-long learning process.

Selecting the best pre-school is the responsibility of the parents; here is all you need to know in order to select the right pre-school learning center for your child in Dubai.

  1. Teacher’s Qualification and Association with kids:

Parents should ensure that the teachers are explicitly qualified in early childhood learning. Ask about the teacher’s turnover ratio. High-quality schools retain their lead teachers for extended time period as the kids usually get attached to their caretakers or teachers. Visit the school to observe the relationship of kids with their teachers. Are they scared or comfortable? Exploring or following the orders? Etc.

  1. Curriculum:

Ask for the curriculum. The pre-schools in Dubai usually follow British, American, Indian/ Pakistani curriculum. The best pre-school implement activities that involve multisensory learning in Dubai. The kids learn fast and easily when they use multiple skills (visual, auditory, tactile, and kinesthetic). A well designed curriculum is one that is not fixed or pre-designed, in fact the well-qualified teachers design activities as per the likely interests of the kids so they enjoy thoroughly.

  1. Physical Environment:

The Best daycare in Dubai have comfortable and kids friendly environment. The classrooms are bright and colorful with lots of playful and interactive learning activities for kids. Look at the size of classrooms, it should be spacious enough for kids to learn and play. Also look for the display boards in the classroom, does it depict the creativity of kids or simply have learning material to inspire the parents? Look at the furniture of the classrooms, the ventilation system, and emergency exit.

  1. Health And Safety Practices:

 Look for a preschool or daycare in Dubai for your little ones that gives prime importance to the health and safety practices. It is not important to have lots of toys in the play area, but the toys should be age appropriate, not broken or choking for little kids. The gym or swimming pools should be kids proof, the floor should be anti-slipping. The kids should be under strict surveillance of caretaker while playing out door. The washrooms and classroom should be hygienic. If the daycare provides meal to the kids, the food should be nutritious and healthy.

  1. Early Learning centers:

When deciding a good preschool, look for the early learning centers setup in the classrooms for kids. These learning centers make the learning more exciting and fun-filled for kids. A good preschool should have six to seven learning centers in each classroom.

We would recommend all the parents living nearby JLT, Dubai to visit Three Little Fingers, as they have all the above mentioned qualities in reasonable fee structure. They have setup learning centers that differentiate it from rest of the preschools and daycares in Dubai. Some major learning centers to improve multi-sensory skills of kids include creative art table, numbers and calculation, music, science and experimentation, social studies, technology center, literature center, blocks, sand, water play and much more to make kids learn from all perspectives.

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