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Welcome to Three Little Fingers Nursery in JLT

In addition to the aforementioned workshops, we offer the following amenities as well:

i Cultures around us:

Children need to learn about the world and the importance of diversity in today’s world in order to adapt with people around them. To attain just that, we encourage them to learn about the cultures around through variousworkshops held time to time. This program makes us unique because unlike other nurseries or day care centers in Dubai, why we teach our students about the various dominant and prominent cultures that exist around us in this wonderful world with the help of experts who come and conduct various activities/workshops for the same.

ii Dreamland:

At our best day care in Dubai, we’ve created an atmosphere of a Dreamland. It includes a number of attractions that are sure to draw children towards them with its spectacular ambience. Some include plush toys, arts and crafts facilities, indoor games, indoor jungle gym, specific educational videosgames etc.We include picture games, activity sheets and writing activities based on the same as well.

iii The Reading Corner:

‘Books are the quietest and most constant of friends; they are the most accessible and wisest of counselors, and the most patient of teachers’. – Chales W. Elio-

Here at Three Little Fingers, we have designed a beautiful and luxurious reading corner as by reading or by listening to stories children are exposed to a wide range of words which in turn builds on their vocabulary and instills within them a love for reading since childhood. We allow them to select books of their choice which gives us insights about their likes and dislikes which in turn help us cater to their needs accordingly.

iv Memory Game:

Boosting a child’s memory capacity at early stages has tremendous benefits. Studies reveal that increased memory capacity improves self-awareness, communication skills, social skills and this program of ours is constituted from a number of exercises and methods that ensure elevation of children’s abilities pertaining to memory and perceptiveness. We believe that it is immensely helpful and will certainly serve them in upcoming projects in education as well as various challenges in life.

v With Children Around the World:

Here students learn about the mannerisms, hobbies, conducts and culture of children from around the world. Children need to be mindful about their contemporaries around the world as it provides them with an insight pertaining to the relative culture and lifestyle of each respective class. This comes in handy when you are down further along the educational track, learning social studies, geography and demography.

vi Help with Homework:

In this child day care Dubai service based sessions, we aim to provide assistance and coaching to children in the pursuit of completion regarding their homework. Homework is crucial since it develops sense of responsibility and accountability within students. Especially for students who are part of our day care in Dubai program, this service holds extra value. We assist them in completion of their homework in an amicable yet firm manner so that they understand discipline and are motivated to develop an interest for their academic subjects.

vii Fine and Gross Motor Skills:

Development of these skills is extremely vital in the early years of childhood as it helps children gain strength and confidence. Our highly trained staff and close attention allows children to master fine-motor skills, which further encourages independence. When combined with increasing hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills also open new doors to exploration, learning, and creative expression.

From the list of many Summer camps in Dubai ours is among the very few that makes sure your child will perfect these abilities of:

  • Pasting things onto paper
  • Clapping hands
  • Touching fingers
  • Buttoning and unbuttoning
  • Working a zipper
  • Building a tower of blocks
  • Completing puzzles with five or more pieces
  • Manipulating pencils and crayons well enough to color and draw
  • Copying a circle or cross onto a piece of paper
  • Cutting out simple shapes with safety scissors
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