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Welcome to Three Little Fingers Nursery in JLT
Best Child Day Care In Dubai And After School Childcare Activities Closest To Your Home

Best Child Day Care in Dubai And After School Childcare Activities Closest To Your Home

In Dubai, both the parents are usually working to make the both ends meet. Staying at home and taking care of kids may end up losing the job for most of the parents. Therefore, the parents are looking for the best day care in Dubai and after school childcare activities for their tots that are nearby their home or workplace to stay mentally relaxed.

There are numbers of child day cares in Dubai, but when it comes to high-quality, safe and healthy environment and that too in affordable fees, the number radically shrinks. Fortunately, for the parents who are looking for the Nurseries in JLT and day care near JLT, Dubai, we highly recommend them to visit “Three Little Fingers.

Here are some of the best qualities that differentiate it from the rest of day cares in Dubai.

The “three little fingers” provide safe and caring environment. The kids are nurtured with love and high attention of professional teachers. The bright theme of the classroom, the play area, and welcoming teachers stimulates the kids to attend the day care every day with a happy face. After school child care activities are fun-filled that keeps the kids relaxed even after school hours. The age appropriate games, challenges, play area, and other activities keep the kids involved for the whole day. Reading, creative painting, visual thinking, exploring, indoor productive games and storytelling are the main highlighting activities of the Three Little Fingers. Regular workshops are given to the children on language, art and music.

The curriculum at the “Three little fingers” is child-led that means there is no prescribed rules to teach the kids. The teacher analyzes the kid’s interest and designs the learning activities that keep them involved through play and fun-filled challenges. The teachers don’t instruct or dictate the kids what to do, they just act as a facilitator of the kids who are always there to guide them the right path.

The teachers at the “Three little fingers” are actually the real asset that made it unique among the other daycare in Dubai. They don’t just teach them the academics or provide child care services, they invest their time, efforts, and energy to make them independent, confident and lifelong learners. The teachers listen to kid’s problems, resolve their conflicts, encourage them to explore and appreciate their efforts. When you visit the day care in Dubai, you can observe it yourself that the kids are fully relaxed and friendly with their teachers.

There are a lot of child cares in Dubai, but when it comes to providing safe and healthy environment in your neighborhood, then “Three Little Fingers” is your solution. They perform high safety practices and regulations for the little ones. All the areas of the daycare are monitored throughout the day with the CCTV cameras by the administration department. All the activities and areas are completely safe for the kids. The gym, swimming pool, play area, tools, and toys are fully childproof.

Finally for your own satisfaction, you can check their Facebook page and check online reviews of parents who are already sending their kids to the “Three little fingers.” You can always visit the Best Child Day Care in Dubai at talk to the parents personally to get the first hand reviews as it is the right of the parents to be fully satisfied before sending their kids to any daycare.

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