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The Best Early Learning Center In Dubai – Children’s Toys And Gifts – Three Little Fingers

The Best Early Learning Center in Dubai – Children’s Toys And Gifts – Three Little Fingers

Kids are like intellectual sponges; they absorb all the experiences, learning, exposure, languages, behavior and skills from a very young age. Everything they absorb in their childhood is an investment in their successful life ahead.

Early learning centers prepare the kids to perform better in their elementary school. What a child learns in their early years and how he learns it- have a pertinent impact on the success of a child later on.

If you are looking for a finest early learning center Dubai then ‘Three little fingers’ magically fulfills all the parameters of building a strong social, physical, mental and emotional development of your child. Here are some of the highlights of TLF.

  1. Social development:

At ‘The Three Little Fingers’, the kids are encouraged to socialize with each other. The teachers are friendly, so the kids share an emotional bonding with their teachers. The tasks are given in a form of team to encourage communication and to overcome shyness. The challenging tasks or puzzles help kids to socialize with the other team members.  The teachers appreciate and guide the kids consistently to make them self-confident.

  1. Sharing is caring:

At ‘The Three Little Fingers’, the kids learn to share their toys and lunch with each other. The child without siblings usually doesn’t understand the concept of sharing therefore this can only be taught in their early years. The professionally trained teachers train them to share, cooperate and help each other.

  1. Fun-filled learning:

To make the kids enthusiastic learners, all the activities are designed in a fun-filled and exciting way.  The ELC toys are so exciting that the kids don’t even realize that they are actually learning. To teach numbers, they are given Wooden Abacus with bright colors and sliding beads. Wooden teaching clock, number puzzles, magnetic numbers and number play mat all contribute in making math more fun and exciting. To teach them number, alphabets, shapes and colors several indoor toys are there to make learning more vivacious.

  1. Respect for others:

At ‘The Three Little Fingers’, the teachers act as a role model for the children to be respectful and civilized. The teachers are expert in handling the kids and the kids know the impact of their behavior. The kids are not punished or embarrassed but rather given gifts or perks for acting good and respectful with others to encourage positive behavior.

  1. Team work:

At ‘The Three Little Fingers’, the teachers design team games that are fun to play for kids. For instance, the group of three kids has to solve the puzzle or combine the picture pieces or sort things, etc. The winning team is given gift to appreciate their effort and encourage other kids to act in a same manner.

  1. Diversity:

Dubai is a hub for diverse background of people with different culture and ethnicity. The kids at ‘The Three Little Fingers learn to value differences and diversity as it is the best age to teach the kids to accept and appreciate each other’s differences.

“Three little fingers” is an early learning center in JLT, Dubai that nurtures your child in a well structured environment that encourages them to learn and explore in a creative way. Their activities and games are challenging and exciting that keeps the kids busy throughout the day. The early learning center is much more than just playing or academics; it is an overall package of a well-rounded child.

The Best Early Learning Center in Dubai

Reading, storytelling, painting, teamwork, socializing and cognitive thinking are taught with exciting ELC Toys. The indoor play area is well equipped with ELC toys that encourage cognitive and physical well-being of the children. The environment is safe and relaxing. Math, science, history is so much fun with the Early Learning Center Toys. To encourage positive behavior in kids, they are given gifts consistently.

Visit the school to learn more about them. Hope this blog clears your perception of an early learning center in Dubai.

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