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Best Summer Activities For Toddlers At Home

Best Summer Activities for Toddlers at Home

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Here are some amazing summer activities for toddlers to keep them entertained in a productive and physically active manner.

  1. Water play:

Toddlers love to play with water and summer is the best time to incorporate the water play in your science activity.

You can create a water sensory station at home and let your kids explore and experiment with the concept of float and sink. Just take a tub and fill it with water. In a separate bowl put some random stuff like rock, feather, key, coin, stick, bottle cap, leaf, etc.

Give two bowls and ask your toddler to separate the floating and sinking items. Look for more objects in your house and keep experimenting with your kids.

  1. Balloon Tennis:

Parents want their kids to be healthy and active but since parents are so busy themselves that they don’t put any extra effort to encourage them in healthy playing activities. The use of mobile phones and laptops has ruined the toddlers.

Balloon tennis is a simple game that requires just one balloon and two paper plates. With the help of a glue gun, attach the stick to the paper plates to make a tennis bat. Play this game with your toddler, this helps improve their gross motor skills.

  1. Color Hunt:

Coloring hunting is a fun game for toddlers. Take all the basic colors and make a paint card. Just put one stroke of each color on a card sheet. Give it to your kid and ask him to collect at least one item of the same color from the paint card.

Best Summer Camps have several structured activities like this to make learning more fun for kids. You can also take this paint card outside and make it an outdoor color hunting activity. Ask your child to collect any item that has the same color. Like a green leaf, a pink flower, a brown stick, a blue star, etc.

  1. Play dough activities:

At the Three Little Fingers Best Early Learning Center Dubai, there are aplenty fun-filled play dough activities for toddlers as it helps in improving their fine motor skills. Get a rolling pin; it helps in strengthening their hands and shoulders.

Some play dough activities include making a caterpillar, nest with eggs, snowman, etc.

You can also get different shaped cutters to teach geometric shapes through play dough.

The playdough mats are available you can use them to teach the basic math concepts like counting, addition, subtraction, etc.

  1. Clay Creations:

The Three Little Finger has set up a Summer Camp in Dubai and has shared a lot of amazing summer activities that your kids can perform easily.

Clay creation is one of them. You can follow any theme you want. For instance, make a fruit basket. Let your child use his thinking capabilities and identify some fruit names. Then make a clay apple, banana, berries, mangoes, etc. let it get dry for a day in sunlight and then paint the fruits. The kids can actively participate in this activity. They will use fine motor skills and cognitive skills in this activity.

Hope, these summer activities can help you spend some quality time with your toddler and teach him different concepts through vivacious summer activities. If you both are working parents, then you can visit the Three Little Fingers Nursery, as they provide a nurturing environment in a playful manner.

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