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Welcome to Three Little Fingers Nursery in JLT
Three Little Fingers - Birthday Events


We know how to bring a smile on your beloved children’s face! What else could be better than making them celebrate their birthday with their friends at school? This is just one of the many amazing services we offer to…

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Halloween Party Event


All special traditions of different cultures are celebrated here at Three Little Fingers, like Halloween, Valentines or Easter to name a few, making it certain that your child’s academic journey is filled with joy and happiness.

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Pre School Learning Center

Diwali / Eid / Christmas

At three little fingers we celebrate all events from different religions with equal enthusiasm and zeal. Our events turn out to be the perfect blend of colors and joy and provide the opportunity for parents and staff to interact in…

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Multi Sensory Learning

Circus Puppet Shows

We frequently organize small events like inviting a circus team or arranging a puppet show to amuse the children and to instill in them a love for learning. These activities include various props and techniques to stage both original works…

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Movie Mornings/Pajama Parties

Special days or time slots are dedicated to happiness filled experiences like movie mornings and Pyjama parties! We keep improvising such lovely events, as over the course of years they have become the ultimate favorite of our students and parents,…

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UAE National Day Celebration

Every year our institute makes an arrangement of a grand celebration on the United Arab Emirates National Day on 2nd December. The idea is to create awareness amongst children regarding the importance of this day and the entire week preceding…

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