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Welcome to Three Little Fingers Nursery in JLT

1 Personal, Social and Emotional Development:

In our institute, we try to teach our children the characteristics required for making meaningful relationships, becomeself-confident and self-awareindividuals while also managing their feelings and behavior in a positive, accommodatingand complimenting manner.

2 Physical Development:

We strive to provide facilities that improve children’s physical growth and promote their ability to use muscles and body parts for required skills. Our child-care programs focus on development of fine and gross motor skills in children and promote physical fitness by active play, good nutrition and safe surroundings. Children get more endeavors towards self-care through multi-sensory learning which is an integral part of growing up.

3 Communication and Language:

At our preschool learning center, we encourage communication with and amongst the children as it supports and encourages their ability to communicate, express and understand feelings. Communication and language development for young children include gaining the skills to understand and express thoughts, feelings and information. We listen to our students and provide them the desiredattention. The young minds are encouraged to explore their needs and exhibit them in a safe and conducive learning environment.

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