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Early Childhood Winning Ideas Contest 2019

Early Childhood Winning Ideas Contest 2019

Early Childhood winning ideas is a contest where the teachers from different schools can share their ideas and win $50 in scholastic books and other teacher’s material for participating and sharing their exclusive ideas to the team.

You can participate by sharing any idea that is relevant to early childhood learning and can be easily executed.

Few relevant Ideas of the contest include sharing in the class room, keep calm in the class room, make great group time, Hands-on science experimentations, etc.

You can think about any topic that can contribute for the well-being of early childhood learning.

For instance, the “Three little fingers” is the early learning center in Dubai and a baby care in Dubai that teaches gross motor skills, cognitive skills and multisensory learning skills through fun-filled way that the kids doesn’t even know that they are actually learning. The teachers can participate in the upcoming early childhood winning ideas contest.

At the “Three-little fingers” there are different early learning centers for kids to acquire multiple skills that not only contribute in their academic success but also enhance their life-long skills.

The learning centers are setup in the classrooms to teach different concepts to the kids in an exciting way. The learning centers in the classroom include;

  1. Art Center:

One the most interesting center for kids is art center where there is a huge collection of variety of materials that keep the kids involved and remain self expressive and bring new ideas every time. In the art center you can add any item related to paints, colors, skills, foams, computer papers, crepe paper, paper pin, stamps, muffin tins, baby scissors, candles, tape, play dough, glue and many more of your choice. This enhances the kids to use their motor skills and multi-sensory skills.

  1. Math Center:

Math center contains activities that teach them sorting, counting, number matching, puzzles, pattern and problem solving games.

  1. Puzzles:

Puzzles increase the cognitive skills of the kids. You can include interesting wooden or floor puzzles in the center. You can give challenging task to solve a puzzle.  Make teams and give gifts to the winning teams.

  1. Science and experiment center

Science center have materials through which the kids can learn through different exploration and experiments. Magnets, rocks, sea shells, magnifying glass etc can be collected to make it interesting for kids. You can teach the kids the concept of weather through weather station at the center; the kids understand the concept of rain, sunny, snowfall, windy etc and then get a real time experience when they go out.

  1. Sensory skills:

You can collect items like grass, artificial flowers, water, sand, plastic animals and many more that have different material or texture so that kids can learn by multi-sensory skills.

This is just one simple example of an idea implemented by the “Three little fingersPreschool Learning Center Dubai and baby care center, you can participate and share your ideas related to early childhood learning program that you practice at your preschool or day care in Dubai.

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