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Five Activities For Practicing Beginning Word Sounds For Kids

Five Activities For Practicing Beginning Word Sounds For Kids

Have you ever give it a thought that teaching the fundamentals to a toddler is not as easy as it seems. There are a lot of hidden efforts of the teachers to teach the beginning words sounds to the children.

Here are a few activities that are performed at the “Three little Fingers Nursery”; you can practice it at home with your kids.

When you say something to a child and ask them to identify the first sound they hear in a word is called sound discrimination. This helps the kids pay more attention to the sounds they hear which eventually make it easier for them to learn the sound of letters later.

  1. Beginning sound Oral activity:

The best daycare in Dubai makes learning more fun for kids. For instance, rather than just calling the name of kids, the teacher may say if your name starts like ‘Potato’ then you can go for lunch. The kids will pay attention to the beginning sound that is “P” and help identify kids whose name starts with the letter “P”. It is easy yet really enjoyable activity for kids.

  1. The Scavenger Hunt:

Day Care in Dubai like the Three Little Fingers has more vivacious activities planned for kids that stay after school to keep them involved and entertained throughout the day. The scavenger hunt activity improves problem solving and cognitive skills. The activity has pictures of words, the kids have to see the picture and identify the beginning word sound and go around the classroom and collect the items that start with that letter.

  1. Shoot the letter:

Take a cardboard and write the letters on it. This activity needs your assistance as you have to say a word to your child, for instance, Dinosaur, ice-cream, bag, etc. Your child has to identify the beginning word sound and then shoot the first letter of the word with the gun.

  1. Clothespin activity:

Write an alphabet for instance “Aa” then draw a few random things like a cat, apple, bicycle, basket, etc and ask your child to put the clothespin in front of the correct picture. This way the child is able to identify the letter and correct word. The clothespin also improves the motor skills of kids, it helps them to hold the pencil and scissor properly.

  1. Egg Hatching:

Take four plastic bowls and mark them with beginning letters. Multi Sensory Learning Dubai is the new learning method in preschools of Dubai so you can incorporate the sensory skills by taking small toys and different items and put it inside the plastic egg. Ask your child to identify the picture and the beginning word sound and then put the egg in the nest that has the correct beginning letter written. It is a fun-filled activity for kids as they love to collect as many toys as possible, at the same time it makes their early learning really strong.

Hope this article helped the people who are looking for fun-filled activities for practicing beginning word sounds with their kids. This can become easy and enjoyable if you put a little effort in making these activities interesting for kids; these rudimentary skills contribute a lot in the child’s overall performance throughout their life so it is worth the effort.

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