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Guide To Dubai Private Preschool Learning Centers

Guide to Dubai Private Preschool Learning Centers

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You may find several preschools but there are really few high quality early learning centers in Dubai that provide quality education in affordable price.

The three little fingers, Nursery in JLT Dubai has discussed the concept of setting up learning centers in the classroom for kids to learn and explore through playful activities. Kids work in a team or independently to solve task and activities. The professionally trained teachers act as a facilitator who is always there to guide the kids.

There are several learning centers in private preschool classroom that have aplenty activities that can be performed as per the interests of the kids. For instance, the teachers prefer to involve the kids in Number and Calculation centers during the morning hours when the kids are relatively fresh. The literacy centers can be setup during the afternoon timings. To boost up the energy level of kids, the ART centers might get held after the lunch time to keep them involved throughout the day.

Preschool learning centers in Dubai have several benefits of learning and development of kids.

  1. Social skills:

The activities at the learning centers encourage interaction with other kids and teachers. The kids learn to negotiate with other class fellows if they want to enter in their learning center. They learn to convince the teacher if they want to do some activity alone. When the task needs assistance, they ask the peers or teacher for guidance. Hence, all these activities need lots of communication and improve social skills of kids. They learn to keep control of their emotions and learn the art of talking to the fellows and teacher.

  1. Time management:

The kids spend half an hour to one hour on one learning center. This teaches time management to kids. The centers are stocked with multiple materials related to the center; they have to quickly find out what they like and what they don’t. They solve puzzles or play with different materials that they find appealing.

  1. Experiment and Explore:

Learning centers are safe place to experiment and explore in a fun-filled and relaxing environment.

  1. Practice the concepts:

All the learning centers are interlinked. If the teacher is teaching the concept of counting to kids, the kids will not only practice numbers during the math center but they perform meaningful practice of these concept in all learning centers whether it is role play center, block center or even literacy center.

The Three Little Fingers Nursery in JLT provide Child care in Dubai with lots of learning centers in the classrooms which include Reading center, Writing center, Math Center, literacy Center, Creative art Center, Drama play centre, Building center with Lego/blocks, Multisensory learning center with sand/water etc, Science, Social studies Center, puzzles and games centers.

All these centers are crucial not only for making the kids academically strong but contribute in the development of multisensory and cognitive skills of kids. These learning centers in the classrooms of private preschools make the learning more fun and exciting for kids. The kids of preschools with learning centers are more confident, self-expressive, and good with numbers and have high chances to perform better in the future.

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