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2019 Guide To The Best Nurseries In JLT- JLT Family

2019 Guide to the Best Nurseries in JLT- JLT Family

There are plentiful options when it comes to preschool learning center Dubai. In fact, the parents are perplexed while deciding which early learning center Dubai to choose and on what basis as there is an abundant number of international private schools in Dubai that are preferred by the expats over the public schools.

This article is a guide for parents who are looking for the best nurseries for their kids in JLT, Dubai. Almost all the schools have adhered to high standards but still, there are few factors that need to be considered while choosing the best one for your little human.

Parents should be clear on the fact that the nest nursery is one that satisfies all the needs of your child, understands his unique needs and handle his tantrum and nurture him with love and care he needs. The best preschool is not one that asks for an enormous amount of fees or has a wall full of accreditations.

The well-established preschools in JLT, Dubai include British Orchard, Toddler Town, Rainbow Valley, Paddington, The Three little Fingers, Kids Kare, Monroe, and the Mosaic Nursery.

Let’s dig the best three in detail to give you an in-depth idea about the best preschools of JLT.

  1. The British Orchard:

The British Orchard is a renowned name in the field of early childhood education. There are twenty-one branches of British Orchard that are spread all over Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, etc. They have a lot of accreditations, certifications, and excellence awards. Their facilities include a role play area, indoor and outdoor play area, Gym, sensory room, library, etc. The fee structure varies as per the branch you select.

  1. The Mosaic Nursery:

The Mosaic Nursery is a decent option for working parents who are looking for high-quality education in affordable fees. They follow the British curriculum and provide all the facilities and extra-curricular activities that a high-class school is providing in an exuberant amount of fees. The environment is stimulating and appealing for kids so they spend the whole day happily over there. They encourage a healthy lifestyle so there is a child-proof gym. They have a clinic that has a nurse available throughout the day to tackle the emergency situation. They share your child’s progress regularly so if you find a red flag in his performance or if you have any complaint or suggestion, feel free to contact the humble and cooperative staff. Furthermore, they offer flexible time schedule so you can select whatever suits you and your little one.

  1. The Three Little Fingers:

If you both are working parents and you are looking for a full day baby care Dubai then the Three Little Fingers is the best option in JLT. Their daycare facility is high-class they provide nutritious meals to kids that are both appealing as well as tasty. They ensure that the kid’s meal is free from fatty or sugary content that can hinder their performance and does not provide the required energy level to the kids.

Multisensory learning Dubai is a new method of teaching and it is practiced at the Three Little Fingers through several fun-filled activities that make a connection and make the concept easy to understand for the little ones. The classrooms have multisensory learning centers to teach difficult subjects in a fun and enjoyable manner. The learning centers include math center, literary center, art and craft, science, experimentation, sand play, role play, water play and much more.

Hope you have an idea now what to look for in the best nursery for your child. Look for the environment, the staff, activities, and the facilities rather than awards and their certifications.

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