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Hands-On Activities For Beginning Readers

Hands-On Activities For Beginning Readers

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The teachers at the best daycare in Dubai like the Three Little Fingers have designed multiple vivacious activities to make reading endeavor really exciting for the little ones and try to create a life-long passion for literacy and reading.

Here are some hands-on-activities to keep reading really exciting for kids. The way the teachers at the child care in Dubai read with the kids and the activities they perform on building a reading habit, has a significant impact on how much the kids love reading and how quickly they learn to read new words and sentences.

  1. Use word bank:

Day Care in Dubai emphasizes on building a reading habit from very age. You can perform these activities at home by making a word bank with the words that your child is familiar with. Put the words on the table and try to build a sentence with your child. Make silly sentences that keep the kids interested in the activity. Use your child’s name in a sentence as it keeps them more involved.

For instance, your child can get He, She, It, has, have, cat, car, a, an, the, etc.

Make a sentence using these words from and add a new word to build a sentence.

For instance,

  • She has a car.
  • The cat is fat.
  • Rafay is a baby.
  • Playdough activity:

Child Daycare Dubai is a great place to involve the kids in learning through playful activities. The kids find it interesting to make letters from the play dough or you can get letters or word stamps. When the kids make words with the play dough, it will register in their memory and it can be retrieved while reading a book.

  1. Clothes clip activity:

Write the twenty-six alphabets on the clothes clip and collect the basic pictures. Ask the kid to see the picture and write its spelling. For instance, bat, car, man, sad, fat. Your child can spell these basic words after seeing the picture.

  1. Blending activity:

Blending activity teaches the kids to push the sound of alphabets together to build a word. You can do this activity at home by throwing random sentences on kids and ask them what the first sound is in the beginning word. For instance, the ball is blue. Emphasize on the beginning alphabet so that the child can easily grasp the letter and get involved in the activity then move to the middle and the last letter. Focus on three to four letter words initially. Man, mad, fat, map, hop, etc can be used initially to keep the blending easy for kids.

  1. Oral activity:

Oral activity is pivotal for the beginning readers so that they can be able to hear the sound and construct a word.  Play a game with the children and give instructions using the sound of the words. For instance, s-i-t on the m-a-t. Focus on the letters so that the kids will be able to construct the word easily.

  1. Picture and word matching:

Have word cards with the matching pictures that depict those words. Ask the child to identify the word by hearing the beginning word sound and then select the picture that best explain the word.

Hope this article has given you some ideas of hands-on-activities for beginning readers.

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