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How To Choose The Best Day Care For Your Child In The Dubai

How to choose the best Day Care for your child in the Dubai

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For most of the working parents it is not possible to be present at home when the kid comes back from the school therefore the day care is the only convenient option for them. Though finding the best day care in Dubai is mostly a perplexed task for the parents as there are immense numbers of day cares available. But how to choose the best one from the dizzying list of Day cares in Dubai? What should be the factors or parameters for selecting the best one? Should the best day care in Dubai focuses on child-led learning or pre-structured academics?

Here is all you need to know about How to choose the best Day Care for your child in Dubai.

  1. Make a priority list:

The first step of hunting the best daycare in Dubai starts from a list that defines all the parameters that are crucial for you to select a day care for your child, therefore these parameters should be intelligently planned.

Usually the parents look for a day care that is nearby their residence or workplace to pick and drop the kid conveniently.

The second factor is usually the affordability of the day care. Naturally you cannot pay exuberant amount from your salary just for a daycare.

Thirdly the environment of the day care plays pertinent position in the search list. Select a day care with a comfortable and safe environment that matches the values you want your child to have.

The next factor that plays a strong role is the Parents Recommendations who are already sending their kids to the day care or can provide real time information that may affect your decision.

  1. Visit the Day care:

After short listing the day cares, plan your visit to make a final decision. Observe the environment of the day care. Visit the classrooms; look at the classroom displays, Observe whether the kids are feeling relaxed with the teacher? Is the teacher open and friendly and exchanging momentous conversation with the children? Look at the attitude of a teacher with the kids. Is she shouting, directing or guiding the kids?

Visit the play area; look for the games and activities, the toys and tools should be clean and safe for the children. Closely observe the language and attitude of kids while playing. Imagine your child to spend the whole day in the same environment, whether it is aligned with the values you want your child to have? Will your child feel safe and happy here? Are the games and activities actually interesting and challenging for your child?

  1. Ask productive questions:

Always ask productive questions from the teachers or caretakers as they are usually really busy. If she is sparing some time for your, utilize it properly. Don’t ask questions that are obvious or are already available on the website of the daycare. You may ask routine activities of the kids, how to keep them involved throughout the day, approach to multi sensory learning of kids, how does she resolve the conflicts of the children, is she strict or punish the kids if they make mistake or just humbly explain them not to make the mistake again. Ask her the approach towards social and cognitive learning of the kids.

If the parents are available when you visit the day care, confidently ask the parents whether they are satisfied with the daycare. Ask about the quality of the day care, the teachers, the overall environment.

  1. Hint of ingenuity:

Trust your gut feeling. If you find any hint of ingenuity then don’t take risk of sending your kids to unsafe hands.  Observe if there are particular group of kids getting ignored or unoccupied for long time. Attitude of teachers or caretakers with the children whether they are shouting, directing or ignoring the kids. Whether the teachers are responsive to the kid’s needs and interests or just ignore them? The day-to-day activities of the kids; are these activities challenging and involve multi-sensory learning? Is the day care welcoming the new parents to visit them or making excuses to visit the classrooms. The classrooms condition at the day end. It can be messy with the toys here and there but it should not be unhygienic. If the classroom is super clean it means the teacher doesn’t let the kids explore and enjoy in the classroom. The classroom display board should represent the kid’s creativity and productivity. The kids should be physically active, observe them whether they are exploring and experimenting or just following the teacher’s instructions.


On the basis of the above mentioned factors, we have identified the “Three little fingersDay Care in Dubai as one of the best day cares in Dubai and after school childcare service providers. The activities are relaxing and fun loving that involves multi-sensory learning of children. The children at TLF learn through playing and exploring. The main activities involve Reading– the library contains gigantic amount of informative books, story-telling-that encourages the kids to interpret the pictures, design a story, and understand the characters. Indoor play area is there to promote safe and productive games. The kids learn team work, collaboration, and multi-sensory skills. The environment is not just safe and healthy but also provide relaxing and fun-filled environment. The teachers friendly and professionally trained to handle the kids.

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