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How To Create Interest In Studies For Toddlers

How To Create Interest In Studies For Toddlers

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Here are some ways you can build up an interest in studies for your toddler.

  1. Sit with the child:

Always sit with the child when he is doing his homework. Leave everything and give full attention to your child as he may need your assistance, appreciate his efforts, let him do the task himself, guide him only when needed. Don’t use mobile phones or other gadgets as it distracts the kids.

  1. Learning is the key:

Focus on learning, ask questions like what did you learn today in the class? This makes your child stress-free and enhances their learning and development capabilities. The Three Little Fingers follow Multi Sensory Learning approach in which the kids are exposed to several learning centers in the classroom; this is play-based learning.

The parents who focus on grades or position make their kids more stressed out and it affects their mental and physical health.

  1. Support your child:

To make learning more interesting, support what information or knowledge your child is providing. Be nice and friendly, appreciate every little effort. Your negative attitude can cause him a bad academic life ahead.

  1. Discuss about the school:

Always ask what you have learned at school. Discuss positive things about school and teacher. Take interest in your child’s friends and talk about them. Talk about the activities you both performed together in the class. Identify your child’s favorite subject and teacher.

  1. Follow a routine:

The Three Little Fingers is a Preschool Learning Center that believes that parents should set a routine for their kids and then consistently follow it. The kids perform better when they have a proper routine to sleep, eat, play and study. Therefore make a study time and make sure that your child study at that time; no playing, eating or any other activity during that time period.

  1. Support environment:

Ensure that every member of the family supports the study environment. The study room should be separate where there is no distraction. If a father is watching television in a loud voice, it naturally distracts the child or if other kids are playing, so it’s difficult to hold back your child. Therefore parents should be strict as far as the rules are concerned.

  1. Communicate with the teacher:

The three Little Fingers is an early learning center in Dubai that encourages parent’s interest in the child’s performance. Don’t wait for the problem to occur, if you find any problem then immediately discuss it with the teacher. If your child is taking a lot of help in his homework then it’s an alarming situation, take an appointment and communicate with the class teacher.

  1. Understand your child’s learning style:

Every child is different so does there learning capabilities. Some kids quickly grasp the concept while others need the assistance of visual, auditory, and other support. Therefore parents need to understand and adapt the learning style that is easily understandable for kids.

  1. Share success stories:

Always share the success stories as the kids subconsciously idealize the people. Discuss the people your child can easily relate to. For instance, hard work pays off, your cousin sister has become a doctor, congratulate him.

  1. Learning should be fun-filled:

Find activities that can make learning easy and fun-filled for kids. The study should not be frustrating and a hectic job, look for ways you can make it more vivacious.

Hope, This article helps all the worried moms who are looking for ways to build up an interest in studies for their toddlers.

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