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Welcome to Three Little Fingers Nursery in JLT
Kids Summer Camp For Up To 10 Days At TLF

Kids Summer Camp for up to 10 days at TLF

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Summer holidays are just going to start in few days and parents are looking for kids summer camps with aplenty educational and fun-filled activities for their children to keep them entertained and physically active throughout the summer break.

If you reside nearby Jumeriah lake Towers cluster, N then you should definitely opt for The three little Fingers. It is a renowned and well established Early Learning Center Dubai that has predesigned multisensory playful activities to keep the kids happy and involved.

The Three Little Fingers is the best summer camp in Dubai that enrolls kids from three years to fourteen years. This summer they have set up a camp for 10 days with different themes every time.

The activities at TLF include camping, transportation, rock star, master chef, activities related to kids favorite superheroes, robotics and many more.

Workshops are conducted on different subjects to make them interesting and fun for kids. Kids love arts so the first workshop is on art and craft. To encourage their creativity, the messy and recycling workshop is conducted. To make science, math, technology fun and exciting, lots of learning centers are set up and workshops are given to make these less interesting subjects for kids more fun. The three little believes in the physical well-being of kids so the kids are given Zumba and dance lessons during their summer holidays also there is a lot of sports to keep them active.

Below are some of the kid’s most favorite activities that are both interesting as well as interactive activities at the TLF summer camp;

  1. An Indoor giant Scrabble:

A huge indoor scrabble activity is set up for kids to learn new words in a fun-filled environment. The letters are huge and easy to move for kids. The scrabble is both educational as well as fun game that ends up the kids with a lot of new words in their word bank.

  1. A minute to win it:

To encourage hand-eye coordination in kids, there are aplenty activities designed by the teachers, the kids are supposed to perform and maintain these activities for a minute to win the challenge.

The kids are given lots of cereal pieces in a large bowl and they are supposed to use the chopsticks to move these cereal balls in the cups, the child who collects more in a minute wins the challenge.

The other game is to thread the fruit loop in a plastic pipe and make a fruit loop necklace using only one hand.

These challenges keep the kids involved throughout the day.

  1. Science and experiments:

There are a lot of learning and exploring at the “Three little fingers” summer camp. The teachers use unconventional teaching methods to make science more interesting for kids. they make fizzy lemonade to see the how the chemical reaction occurs, the candy experiment activity teaches the kids how the different layers of rocks are formed, use of different colored candies to introduce the concept of human cell and its different parts. To teach the kids about dehydration, they perform an experiment where the grapes turn in to raisins.

So the focus on TLF is not on conventional studies or just playing games, but the focus is to use these summer holidays in the most productive way so the kids learn through lots of experimentation and exploring. If you want your child to use these 10 days of summer in the most productive way, then visit the Three Little Fingers.

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