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Pre-School Admission Tips From Expert For Parents

Pre-School Admission Tips From Expert For Parents

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Modern parents are fretful regarding the admission process of their tots even though they are usually well educated but still make mistakes that end up in rejection from the pre-school or child care in Dubai that they were really looking forward for their kids. Here are some admission tips from experts to make the admission process hassle free.

  1. Location:

You may like a pre-school that is best academically, but is far away from your residence or workplace. It will make your life really tough to give pick and drop to your kid every day, even the child get exhausted. Find a decent pre-school or child daycare in Dubai that is nearby your house or office.

  1. Be proactive:

Different pre-schools have different admission policies, be vigilant regarding the timelines for the admission and application processes of the schools. Start your hunt at least nine months before the actual admission time of your child. If you both are working parents then search for a pre-school with the best daycare in Dubai so you don’t have to pick and drop the kid from school to a day care center.

  1. Ask relevant questions:

When you visit the pre-school, make sure that you ask relevant questions as the time is really short so don’t waste it by asking questions that are already answered on the school website. Also it gives negative impression to ask unproductive questions from the teacher.

You can ask them about the curriculum they follow at school. Is it child-led learning program or pre-designed curriculum? Or you may ask about the languages that are taught.

How do they maintain discipline? Through strict punishment or by patiently teaching them that they have done something wrong?

What are their values? Are there values similar to what you want your child to have?

Visit school to have first-hand experience regarding the school environment, kid’s behavior, how the teachers are handling different kids? how do they resolve their conflicts? You can learn these things only by close observation.

  1. Don’t panic:

Try to stay calm as much as you can and let your child be the way he/she is. Don’t direct your child to behave in a certain way. The staff is well aware of kid’s behavior, so relax if your child is not behaving as confident and smart as he/she is back at home. The interviewers is also judging your attitude with your child so be careful. Remember your continuous nagging can make your child more confused.

Our Recommendation:

For the parents, who are searching for high-quality pre-schools with Day Care in Dubai must visit Three Little Fingersin JLT. They have pre-designed productive activities to keep the kids involved throughout the day. The teachers are nice and professional with low kids to teacher ratio so the kids get quality time with their caretaker and learn more. They have early learning centers in the classrooms to make learning more fun. Kids learn math, creative art, science, technology, social studies, music, dance, languages, and much more in a playful and fun-filled environment.

You can visit TLF yourself and talk to the parents and teachers to take the first-hand reviews regarding the pre-school and stay updated about the latest admission policies and news.

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