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Send Your Child To Preschool Ready To Learn

Send Your Child to Preschool Ready to Learn

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Kids learn actively when they go to school fresh and happy every morning. This article may help you understand how you can contribute to make your child ready to learn at a preschool.

  1. Healthy breakfast:

Kick start your kid’s morning with healthy and nutritious breakfast. As a parent, you really need to put some extra efforts to plan their breakfast that is not only wholesome but tasty as well. Cut down the unhealthy items from the breakfast like the one with a high level of sugar content and replace it with fiber, protein, nuts, fresh fruits, milk, and egg, etc.

Kids who eat healthy breakfast every morning are more likely to perform better in the class, their energy level is high and they actively participate in the classroom activities while the kids who don’t eat anything in the morning are lazy and eventually become a poor performer.

The kids who eat unhealthy things in the morning get sick more often resulting in increased absenteeism from school, which drag them back from the rest of the kids.

Healthy breakfast boosts the concentration level of toddlers which is a significant factor in all the activities at preschool. The Kids who eat unhealthy breakfast or don’t eat anything in the morning have low capability to retain the learning and does not perform well during multi-sensory learning activities.

Never take breakfast for granted even if your child is getting late for preschool simply give some nuts, fresh fruits or a glass of milk.

  1. Healthy lunch boxes:

Kids are fussy when it comes to eating lunch at preschools. The Best daycare in Dubai like The Three Little Fingers provides nutritious meals to kids that are interesting and healthy at the same time. If you want to give lunch from home, then avoid sugary and fatty food as it is unhealthy and does not provide necessary energy level to encourage Multi Sensory Learning.

A balanced lunch box is significant for your child’s health. Add a fresh fruit, some nuts, a portion of protein like meat or egg, whole grain bread, yogurt or organic cheese.

Involve your child in selecting healthy items. For instance, ask them their favorite fruit and put it in the lunch box, appreciate them when they finish their lunch. Make the lunch boxes interesting so that they enjoy eating it.

Here a simple lunch idea that contains protein, carbohydrate, vegetables, and a milk portion.

You can give a sandwich of whole grain bread put a slice of your child’s favorite protein (chicken, beef, mutton) with some fresh vegetable (cucumber, tomato). You can add a slice of organic cheese to make it tastier. Give some nuts and fresh fruit chunks as sidelines.

  1. Consistent sleeping hours:

Day Care in Dubai follows well-structured routine of kids throughout a day. The kids learn, explore, play, swim, dance, eat, and sleep at predesigned timings.

The preschoolers should at least have a good sleep of ten to twelve hours to remain active and ready to learn throughout a day at a school. Therefore, as a parent, it is your responsibility to set sleeping routine of your child. Consistent sleeping routine make a child more fresh and happy while going to school and prepare them to learn more. Make sure there is no distraction of television, music, video games, cartoons when its bedtime. Read bedtime stories with your kid.

Sleep deficiency can cause lack of concentration during classroom activities or may get irritated in the morning, start disliking school or may become hyperactive.

These foundation years are crucial for a child; therefore as a parent you should try your best to be as supportive as possible and send them happy and fresh to their preschools so that they learn and grow.

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