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Welcome to Three Little Fingers Nursery in JLT

1 Language & Literacy:

Language is the most important communication tool for children in early years and at Three little fingers we teach it through various methods to cater to the diverse needs of children. Whether a child naturally gravitates toward reading and writing or is just discovering the world of books, we create an environment that fosters love of reading at all levels of literacy.Language and Literacy are major domains of childhood. They involve development of the skills used to communicate with other through languages(language development), as well as the ability to read and write(literacy development). Along with learning about different genres and styles of writing, we promote both traditional and 21st century techniques used to acquire knowledge.

2 Mathematics:

Mathematics is the basis for all future educational applications. This is the reason that in our Early learning center in Dubai, emphasis is placed on teaching of numbers, shapes, space, measures etc.

3 Understanding the World:

Our learning center has proven to be the best day care in Dubai as we develop skills in our children which help them interact with the real world, develop hospitable relations with people and keep updated with the technological advancement, preparing them to emerge as stronger personalities.

4 Expressive Arts and Design:

At our Child day care Dubai, we consider this an integral part of learning. Also we believe, exploring and utilization of materials and media are very important.

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