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Support Homework Expectations  Learning And Helps Kids Practice Important Study Skills

Support Homework Expectations Learning And Helps Kids Practice Important Study Skills

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Homework is considered as a bane by almost all children because they have to study for another few hours after spending almost the whole day at school. Parents of preschoolers are usually less concern for the homework as they don’t consider it really important and find it casual if they skip it someday.

This article may help you understand the importance of homework for preschool kids and what you can contribute as a parent to support the homework expectations.

  1. Strengthen the concepts:

At the Preschool Learning Center Dubai, your kid is exposed to several concepts throughout the day. Through multisensory learning centers that are setup in the classroom, they practice one concept through different perspectives. The orthodox method of teaching is eliminated where a child used to learn all the concepts by heart without properly understanding it and then copy the same thing as “homework.”

Early Learning Center Dubai focuses on Multi Sensory Learning Dubai where a child is encouraged to explore, play and learn through predesigned activities.

For instance, at The Three Little Fingers, JLT there are at least six to seven learning centers in each classroom. If a child is introduced to a concept of “measurement” he will practice it unconsciously through fun-filled activities at each center.

Similarly, as a parent you can practice the same concept with your child at home through vivacious activities. Bake a cake, it involves measurement. Introduce them to the measuring spoon, measuring cups etc. Homework strengthens the concepts that are taught in the classroom.

  1. Create a sense of responsibility:

Homework creates a sense of responsibility in a child. For a preschool child, it hardly takes ten to fifteen minutes to get the homework done but it is significant for a child to understand that he can’t play, watch cartoon, or even sleep if he hasn’t finished his homework. As a parent, make homework time a fun time for your child.

  1. Create a Study Environment:

Parent should create a study environment first. Your child can never concentrate if his favorite cartoon is on air or somebody is talking loud, playing videogames or listening to music. Select a well-lit and spacious room. It should be comfortable with all the accessories that are required to do the homework to avoid distractions. The attention span of preschooler is really short therefore don’t drag the homework more than ten to fifteen minutes.

  1. Provide assistance:

If your child needs your help then read the instructions to make him understand as he already knows the concept. Keep guiding him whenever he needs your assistance. Let him finish the homework himself. Once he finishes the work, go through it. Appreciate him if he has done it without your help.

  1. Set Priority:

Homework enables the kids to become organized and disciplined. Follow a consistent routine of sleeping, studying, playing and eating. You can’t force a child to study if he hasn’t taken a nap after coming from school. You should set real time priorities for your child and be rigid to follow them religiously. Like you can’t play videogame unless you finish your homework.

Hope, this article help you understand the importance of homework for toddlers and your role to support the homework expectations. As a parent you need to spend more time with your child to practice the concepts that they learn at school.

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