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The Best Early Childhood Education Preschool Philosophies

The Best Early Childhood Education Preschool Philosophies

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Pre schooling being the most crucial time of a child’s early years of development has many aspects of impacting your child’s personality. There are numerous philosophies which come under this shade. Some of them are given and elaborated below;


This is the British system of education offered by most of the nurseries of Dubai. This being the most convenient method of teaching ensures that every child has a strong base as it serves as the foundation for his lifelong learning. This method includes teaching children from birth to 5 years of age with proper curriculum designed by Oxford.

Many schools in Dubai follow this method of learning, this teaching style also encourages team work as to different children are given particular task and they help each other too in achieving it. Multisensory Learning Dubai is also practiced in EYFS curriculum where the kids are exposed to different learning centers in the classroom to understand academics through vivacious activities. The learning centers are set up to teach Mathematics, Understanding the world, Art and design, Language and literacy, dance, social skills and much more. This can also be a proven method of ensuring the best of learning in the early years of development of your child.


  • Three Little Fingers:

Three little fingersEarly learning center Dubai offers this system and is one of the best nurseries in Dubai, which ensures skillful learning for your child and makes learning fun by including outdoor activities in its curriculum in really affordable fee structure. They also provide baby care in Dubai for working parents.


This philosophy mainly focuses on skillful learning. Mixed aged classrooms with the same teacher are also a part of this philosophy. They try to encourage children to follow a particular routine by setting days for particular activities, this is also a completely play based philosophy in which no tests and home works are conducted.


  • Zaya Early Learning Centre Dubai:

They follow the Waldorf philosophy and mainly focus on the outdoor learning. They help your child live his childhood to the best along with learning.

  • Little Land Nursery Dubai:

They also focus on the early years of development and let the children have the freedom of learning with activities of their interest.


This philosophy is based on the fact that every child has different potential and different curriculum needs to be designed based on what a child needs and his cultural background. This theory is helpful in determining a particular personality for every child and is helpful if a child needs to be focused from the very start of his educational life.


  • Step by step nursery:

They offer customized learning systems for each kid so that they receive undivided attention. They ensure that every child develops with the fullest of his potential. Following the Reggio Emilia philosophy they make sure that early years of development of a child are productive.

  • Willow’s children nursery:

They also follow the Reggio Emilia approach and mainly focus on outdoor learning. Along with high class facilities they have a proper curriculum designed for each child so that a child may achieve to his fullest.

There are several play school in Dubai / Preschool learning centers in Dubai but we would recommend you to go for British Early Year Foundation stage (EYFS) curriculum. This learning style is easy and relaxing for kids. It involves lots of exploring and experimenting in friendly environment. The course is not pre-designed. It focuses on academics but through vivacious activities that keep the kids involved throughout the day.

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