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Top 10 Fascinating Preschool Activities For Teachers

Top 10 Fascinating Preschool Activities for Teachers

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Every child has a different capability to learn therefore it is the responsibility of a teacher to ensure that she uses the right strategy to teach each child. When it comes to planning the learning activities, it is crucial to understand that one strategy doesn’t fit for all the students in the classroom. Designing the learning activities for preschoolers is one of the toughest jobs of a teacher as she has to incorporate a lot of playing, exploring and make these activities more interesting and alluring for the little ones.

Here are some easy to set up activities at the early learning center Dubai that provides pivotal learning experiences for the children.

Let’s check some vivacious learning activities and ideas that the teachers use to teach the kids all year long at the Three Little Fingers, JLT Dubai.

  1. Pumpkin Experiment:

Make science more interesting for little kids by performing a simple chemical reaction with a pumpkin. If you are performing this experiment outdoor then take a large pumpkin to show the massive effect of volcano otherwise take a medium sized for an indoor activity to keep it less messy.

Talk about the causes of a volcano eruption, places where it usually happens.  Show them baking soda here is a base while vinegar is acid so when an acid reacts with a base, a chemical reaction takes place and the carbon dioxide gas is produced.

This experiment is done by adding water, some food color, and dish soap to make foam, baking soda and then when you are ready for eruption add vinegar.

  1. Alligator method:

Use the alligator method to teach the kids how to use the scissors.

  1. Sorting:

The Multi Sensory Learning involves learning activities using different senses. Sorting is a great idea to teach different things from the same sorting container. Ask them to sort shapes, colors, letters, pattern etc.

  1. Giant Abacus:

Make a giant abacus with cardboards and play activities and games to make counting, addition, and subtraction easy and fun to learn for kids. This activity encourages kids to use kinesthetic and motor skills.

  1. Clothespins:

Make counting more fun using clothespin activity, the child has to count the number and put the clothespin in front of the correct number. This activity also improves holding skills as they learn to hold pencils and scissor properly.

  1. Eggs Experiment:

Dye the eggs in a solution of water, vinegar, food color, and oil will result in marbled effects on eggs. Teach the kid about the reaction of vinegar (i.e acid) with the shell of an egg that is calcium carbonate.

  1. Gardening activities:

The Three Little Fingers is the best Preschool Learning Center Dubai that believes that learning is not confined to the classrooms only. This gardening activity teaches a real-time example of how to grow a flower from a seed. The seed bomb activity is exciting for kids as they put the seed bombs in the preschool garden, nurture the seeds, give it water, and wait patiently for the seed to grow into a plant.

  1. Recycling Activities:

Collect different textured material, cotton, beads, shredded crepe paper, buttons, cardboard, sticks, plastic bottles, balloon, etc and introduce the concept of recycling to the kids.

  1. Balloon activity:

To teach the kids about the concept of density; fill one balloon with oil, the second with liquid soap and the third one with water and drop the three balloons in a jar filled with water. The heaviest will drop down at the base of the jar while the lightest will float on the surface.

  1. Scavenger Hunt:

The Scavenger hunt is the favorite activity of kids. Select a theme and ask the kids to resolve the case by collecting all the clues related to the theme which can be found anywhere in the classroom. Use patterns, letters, colors, shapes, etc in this activity.

Hope this article helped all the teachers who were looking for fascinating ideas for planning the lessons of their preschoolers.

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