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Top 15 Easy Exercises You Can Actually Do With Your Kids

Top 15 Easy Exercises You Can Actually Do With Your Kids

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Exercise for kids shouldn’t be merely a workout time as they look for more play time at this age rather than difficult exercise steps.

The Three Little Fingers Nursery is an early learning center and preschool in Dubai that encourages the habit of exercise through fun-filled physically active ways. They incorporate more outdoor play activities that involve extra active play time.

The kids of this generation are more involved in gadgets like iPad, mobile phones, laptops, etc as the parents are looking for more escape ways to tackle the tantrums of kids. In order to add fitness in the routine of your child from a really early age, you need to incorporate some basic exercises that your kids will love to do and you don’t need expensive types of equipment and large facilities to perform them.

  1. Running:

Running is the simplest form of exercise. If you are worried that you don’t have many places in your home and can’t take your kid to the park every day then let him run around the table or from one room to another. Just tell him to be more careful. Running is the best way to improve blood circulation and the muscles get stronger.

  1. Skipping:

While running, keep changing the pattern and shift to skipping for a few minutes. Count one to ten while the kid is skipping. You can get a skipping rope and start skipping with your kid. The one who skips more will be a winner. Skipping not only improves brain working and strengthen muscles but also improves the coordination skills of a child.

  1. Jumping:

Jumping is the easiest exercise that improves the cardiovascular system and strengthens the muscles.

  1. Swimming:

The best Preschool Learning Center Dubai offers swimming classes to kids as they know the importance of this activity. Swimming is the best workout for kids to feel relaxed mentally and remain physically active.

  1. Cycling:

Get a cycle for your kid. It strengthens the muscles of legs and arms of children also it tones the shape of body.

  1. Dancing:

Put a nursery rhyme or your child’s favorite song and let the kid dance, it is a great way to remain fit.

  1. Use stairs:

Make it a habit to give preference to stairs when you have an option to use a lift. Teach the kids to be careful don’t escape any step. Stairs strengthens the leg muscles and increase the stamina of kids which is important for them. Usage of gadgets is reducing this stamina and kids are getting lazy.

  1. Sit-ups:

Sit-ups are easy to perform; the kids can easily do this with you.

  1. Pushups:

The kids need your little assistant for pushups. Get a mat for pushup exercise. Look for the movements and guide them continuously. This reinforces their legs, arms, stomach and whole body.

  1. Planking:

Perform this planking exercise with your child. Lie down on the position that your elbows touch the mat, raise up on your toes, keep your back straight and focus on tightening your abs. make your child to perform this planking exercise for a minimum of thirty seconds.

  1. Basket ball:

Basket ball is a complete exercise for kids which not only benefits physically but also improves the accuracy and precision skills from early age. Basket ball includes running, jumping, passing the ball and shooting it at the right point.

  1. Balancing:

The Three Little Finger, baby care Dubai focuses on more physically active games. There are several balancing activities that the kids perform every day as the balance is the essential part of a healthy person. Some of the balancing activities include Hopscotch, balancing over the beam, standing on one leg, kneeling, etc.

  1. Yoga:

Yoga helps to reduce the stress and pressure in kids. It improves their flexibility, strength and also enhances their coordination skills. Yoga makes the angry and hyper kids calmer, relaxed.

  1. Walking:

The kids who come to school by walk are more active throughout the day, participate in the class discussions and have better concentration than the kids who come to school by bus or car.

  1. Multisensory playing:

The Three Little Fingers follows the Multi-Sensory Learning approach. The outdoor play area has aplenty activities that include swings, spinning, slides, climbing, etc. These activities develop the sensory system of children and improve their physical, cognitive and social skills.

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