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Top 15 Ways To Enhance Children’s Early Learning And Development Skills

Top 15 Ways to Enhance Children’s Early Learning and Development Skills

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Here are the top 15 ways you can enhance your children’s early learning and development skills.

  1. Singing:

Singing enhances the memory of kids as they listen to their favorite nursery rhyme or songs, it rejuvenates their brain, and the kids get more alert towards the lyrics which enhance their recall skills. The lyrics and rhyming words in the kid’s songs and rhymes actually boost their vocabulary and literacy.

The Three Little Fingers Nursery is an early learning center in Dubai that pursues learning through playful activities. There are six to seven learning centers in a classroom, in order to make it even more vivacious, the teacher plays music or kid’s favorite nursery rhymes, the kids sing along and hence it makes their transition to other centers much easier.

  1. Safety and security:

The Three Little Fingers Preschool Learning Center and Nursery in Dubai provides a safe and secure environment where the kids nurture with love and care. The kids are encouraged and appreciated for their efforts which boost their learning and development.

  1. Handle the tantrums:

The kids get frustrated when they are forced to learn in an environment that is not enjoyable and, unfriendly. Therefore at the Three Little Fingers, there are aplenty exercises to relax the kids. For instance, jumping, smell the flowers, blow the candle, listening music, dance, etc.

  1. Encourage Reflection:

Encourage reflection as it is essential for early childhood learning and development. The teachers at the Three Little Fingers encourage kids to recall the old learning, ask questions, explore, experiment, translating, etc. a child should reflect what he learns.

  1. Laugh out loud:

It is important to plan activities that are more fun-filled and let the kids laugh out loud to reduce their stress and frustration. Include puppet shows, funny cartoons, and comedy drama acts in daily routine and see the change in their learning and development patterns.

  1. Colors and smell:

Baby care Dubai like the Three Little Fingers have spacious and colorful classrooms to attract the kids as the children are more sensitive to the colors than the adults. To keep the kids calm, the color theme used in the classrooms are pink, blue, purple, and green. Similarly, the soft smell of roses and lavender are used. For making them alert, some strong scents are used in the classroom like peppermint, sandal wood, cinnamon, etc.

  1. Practice makes perfectionists:

When you teach something to kids, ask them repetitively about it. Revision is really important otherwise the information will be wiped out of their brain.

  1. Provide opportunities:

The kids who nurture in an environment that is safe, healthy, and trustworthy are likely to be more confident and can make new friends whereas the kids who are grown up in a careless and an environment which is un-trusting, they will have life-long trust issues.

  1. Parents-teachers partnership:

Since both the parents and teachers want the kids to learn and develop therefore they both need to do a partnership in achieving this goal. The parents should regularly communicate with the teachers regarding the child’s performance, trust the teacher, never say negative things about the teacher in front of a child, ask for the areas of improvement and immediately communicate if they find something strange about the attitude and behavior of a child.

  1. Create a nurturing environment:

Select a school that offers a friendly and nurturing environment as this is the basis of their learning and development. Similarly at home, parents should appreciate little effort of kids and never fight or use bad language.

  1. Concentration period:

The concentration period of a three-year-old child doesn’t long for more than three to four minutes. Therefore break the learning activities accordingly. If you want your child to sit and perform certain activities for an hour, it is simply impossible. You can boost the concentration period by continuously providing different interesting activities.

  1. Play with your child:

Involve with your child when he is playing with his favorite toy. Ask questions, give related information, show interest, appreciate, and give feedback.

  1. Establish a routine:

The kids who follow the proper routine of sleeping, eating, playing, and bathing, etc are more likely to learn and develop new skills and are mental more strong as a proper routine enhances the memory of kids.

  1. The conversation is key:

Talk with your kids. Look if they are having any trouble and need your help.

  1. Less is more:

The Multi Sensory Learning approach is followed at The Three Little Fingers, there are a lot of learning centers in a classroom, and the kids can select any activity that they find interesting. Don’t burden them with lots of learning as it is frustrating for kids. Let them enjoy whatever they find appealing as less is more is the strategy that works for toddlers.

Hope, this article has helped you all!

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