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Top 10 Indoor Physical Activities For Preschool Kids

Top 10 Indoor Physical Activities For Preschool Kids

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Here are the top ten indoor physical activities that kids can easily perform.

  1. Freeze dance:

Preschool Learning Center Dubai believes that dance is a great fun activity to keep the kids physically active, it also relaxes their minds and lowers their frustration. You can play a freeze dance game to keep the kids entertained. The kids have to dance when the music starts and have to freeze when the music stops.

  1. Jumping jack:

The Three Little Fingers is an Early Learning Center Dubai that emphasizes a lot on building a habit of reading from an early age. In order to make reading more fun, you can incorporate jumping jacks in it. Select a word from a story for instance; when the word “frog” comes in the story, the kid has to jump. This kind of activity involves learning through physical play.

  1. Make stations:

Set up stations by marking it with masking tape or crepe paper. A child has to hop, climb, jump, crawl, walk, and run as per the instructions of each station.

  1. Set up a laser maze:

Set up a laser maze with crepe paper and masking tape. Stick it in varying height and in a zig-zag manner and challenge the kids to get out of the maze without touching the laser.

  1. Hockey in the hall:

Take two large cartons and place them in opposite directions. If you don’t have a hockey ball and stick then just take a tennis ball and a broom to play hockey in the hall.

  1. Balance the beam:

Stick Masking tape in a straight line and ask the kid to walk in a straight line without deviating. To make it more interesting you can make a zig-zag line. Balancing skills are crucial that not only strengthens the muscles of kids but also improves their cognitive skills.

  1. Scavenger Hunt:

Child Care Dubai emphasizes learning through playful activities. You can replicate their activities at home easily like play indoor scavenger hunt by changing the theme every time. For instance, when the theme is fruits, you can take a card sheet and make some fruits. Hide the toy fruits in the home and ask the kid to find them.

  1. Balloon tennis:

Make a tennis bat by sticking an ice-cream stick to the back of a paper plate. Blow a balloon of your child’s favorite color and play balloon tennis.

  1. Bubble smashing:

Make bubbles with the dishwashing liquid and water and make bubbles and let the kids smash it. It’s really fun for them and also involves movements as the kids run back and forth, right and left to smash the bubbles.

  1. Hopscotch:

You can make a hopscotch game in your lounge or corridor by simply using chalk or masking tape. Your preschooler can easily play this game. It boosts their leg muscles as they hop from one number to another also improves their balancing and coordination skills.

Hope, this article is helpful for all mothers who are looking for interesting indoor physical activities to keep their kids entertained throughout their holidays.

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