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Top Ten Questions To Ask During A Pre-School Tour

Top Ten Questions To Ask During A Pre-School Tour

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Selecting the best preschool learning center in Dubai for your kids seems exciting but end up nerve wrecking for most of the parents as this decision is not just based on academics only. You have to consider other factors like the preschool should be nearby your residence or office, preschool timings, environment, curriculum, fee structure and the list goes on.

As the teachers usually have less time so you should ask productive questions to utilize it fully rather than asking irrelevant questions that are already present on the school website.

We have identified top ten questions with the help of the “Three little fingers” preschool in JLT that you should definitely ask during your visit to a preschool or Early learning Center in Dubai to determine whether it actually meets your requirement or not.

  1. School Philosophy:

Ask questions like what is the philosophy of your school to determine whether they follow the same curriculum and teaching style you want your child to pursue.

Some common philosophies include;

  • Child-led learning program where the teacher design activities based on child’s interests and capabilities,
  • Directive or academic based where the kids follow the guidelines of teacher and the course is pre-designed.
  • Cooperative learning where the teacher act as a facilitator and kids explore and experiment.
  • Reggio Emilia learning philosophy which is child centered and constructive learning in a friendly environment.
  1. Learning Style:

Ask the learning style they follow at their school. High quality preschools focus on Multisensory Learning in Dubai. Ask for their teaching approach. Is it Academic focused, skills developmental learning or the blend of both?

  1. Teacher’s turnover ratio:

Ask for lead teacher’s turnover ratio. Good schools retain their teachers at least for two to three years as the kids get emotionally attached to them.

  1. Performance measures:

How do you measure kid’s performance and analyze whether they are ready for kindergarten or not? Do you share the performance status on regular basis with the parents?

  1. Meal Facility:

If the preschool provides after school child care facility then ask whether they provide meal facility? Look for the menu, is it healthy and nutritious? Tell them in case your child is allergic to something.

  1. Potty Training:

Ask if it is necessary for a child to be potty trained or the staff will help the kid with potty training.

  1. Disciplinary actions:

How do you resolve conflicts? Do you punish or patiently resolve conflicts of kids?

  1. Teacher’s qualification:

It is the right of parents to know whether the teachers are qualified enough to teach their kids. The teachers should have necessary degree or experience in the early year teaching.

  1. Fee Structure:

Ask for fee structure, tuition fees, deposit and any other hidden fees.

  1. Kids safety:

If you are working parent, ask if in case you get late to pick up your child, who is there to take care of your child and for how long? What is the pickup policy? Do you let the child go with any relative who comes to pick them up? Do you have an open door policy to meet the kid at any time to check if everything is fine with them?

These are few relevant questions to ask the staff when you visit the school, these minor things create lots of misunderstand and hassle if not considered before the time of admission.

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