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Welcome to Three Little Fingers Nursery in JLT

i Reading Corner:

By creating a comfortable, cozy and entertaining reading nook, you give children every reason to fall in love with the world of books. Our reading corner allows little minds to take adventures indoors meanwhile motivating them to explore learning through literature.

ii Creative Corner:

Rote learning is not something we promote at Three little fingers. Preschool learning center, A special Creative corner is dedicated for the purpose of bolstering innovative thinking in children. They are allowed to explore have fun and learn independently using their own unique creative ways.

iii Indoor Play Area:

Three Little Fingers is undoubtedly the best daycare in Dubai as we have a perfectly balanced curriculum with equal emphasis on physical and mental (wellbeing). To cater to our active and playful children we have a beautifully adorned baby-proof indoor play area stocked with play rides and equipments to keep them actively occupied.

iv Audio Visual Learning:

The right audio-visual setup in a classroom allows better engagement of students and teachers both and education becomes far more stimulating and interactive which encourages learning on the whole. This learning process has proven to assist teachers in preparing and delivering lessons more effectively.

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