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Welcome to Three Little Fingers Nursery in JLT

Preschool Learning Center Dubai

There are various workshops at our preschool learning center. An overview of those is mentioned below:

i Workshop in French, Spanish & English:

We organize special workshops for acclimation of our students with the prominent languages like French, Spanish and of course, English as an eminent part of our preschool courses. Our Child daycare Dubai caters to these prominent languages as their applications are vital and their usage is frequent in almost all sectors of life these days.

iii Art Workshops:

To stimulate and encourage growth of creativity, regular workshops on Art and performing arts and their promotions are held at our Early learning center Dubai. Children need to be aware of their creative regimes and should be allowed to let imagination run free when it comes to arts and crafts. We make sure that everyday children at our center get a chance to choose and use materials and resources in an open-ended way which helps them to make choices and to have confidence in their own ideas and techniques.

iv Music Workshops:

Music is another beautiful method of self-recognition as it connects young children to musical concepts that engages and inspires. An involvement in a music program helps to educate the whole individual- intellectually, physically, socially, emotionally and creatively. Children develop confidence, self-esteem, memory, language, listening, concentration and self – expression while building an excellent foundation for future musical pursuits. . Out of all the After school childcare Dubai, ours is probably among the very few organizing such workshops.

v Puppet Shows and Workshops:

As the name suggests, engaging toys like puppets help support oral language skills and communication, social/emotional development, and help children learn and understand the world around them through safe, imaginative play. Puppets help support oral language skills and communication, social and emotional development and help children learn and understand the world around them through safe, imaginative play.

vi Ethno Workshop:

Ethno workshops are also held from time to time with great care and dedication at our organization. At our early learning center Dubai, through these workshops we provide a platform for building respect and tolerance, preserving cultural heritage by ensuring that traditional, folk and world music live on within young minds.

vii Sports Workshop:

Children need physical rejuvenation and in order to achieve that, we hold workshops on sports and physical exercises regularly. Our Day care in Dubai is greatly concerned about the betterment and wellbeing of the students under our supervision. Our program also comprises of physical exercises that promote development of gross motor skills, coordination and balance. We not only teach sports fundamentals, sportsmanship & how to become a team player, we also teach the importance of nutrition and healthy lifestyle choices.

viii Mathematics Workshop:

Math workshop is a framework that allows students to learn new math content each day, practice math strategies in a variety of ways, and reflect on learning through verbal or written sharing. The predictable structure of math workshops makes it easier for students to participate in differentiated activities.These workshops range from simple patterns by sorting and grouping objects into sets and by explaining and extending simple patterns to more complex ones which have various applications beyond the mathematics classrooms. The more challenging ones help students understand the concepts such as additive and multiplicative reasoning, fractions, number patterns, mental and written calculation, elimination, 2D and 3D shapes, measurement, interpreting data, positional language, co-ordinates etc.

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